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Date a Rich Man Who Loves You for You

Do you have problems finding someone who is compatible, nice, and able to meet your preferences? Could it be that you are selecting rich men for all the wrong reasons? What could you do differently to attract a man who would want to date you for you rather than just the exterior?

Stop compromising your core needs.

When a wealthy man sits down and talks with a pretty young woman during a date, he is thinking about all the things she can do to appease his five senses. If a young woman refuses to establish any boundaries prior to the date and implement them during and after the date, then she is allowing herself to be open to everything the rich man suggests. How is the man able to see beyond his own selfish needs, when the young woman is enabling him? She is permitting the rich man to use his money to buy whatever he wants; therefore, she feels pressured not to disappoint him, so she will go along to get along. Too often young women put their thoughts of how the date should be on the back-burner. In the end, they are left unhappy having given into their dates' requests while leaving little room for the men to truly get to know them.

Tone your appearance down.

The more you look like the woman in the magazine, on TV, or over the Internet that the world says is beautiful, the more your outer appearance will outshine who you are on the inside. The women in the media are carefully created to market a brand. But are you uniquely designed to share your brand with someone who might be interested in keeping you around? Let your inner beauty outshine your outer beauty, dress modestly in a way that lets the man's mind run wild.

Don't expect him to do for you.

Most rich men know that when they go on dates with younger women they have to protect their finances. They might pay for a quality meal and a great place of amusement, but they aren't thinking about helping their dates with the rent, car repairs and other basic needs when they are still getting to know them and are not completely comfortable with them. Going into the date anticipating a hand-out is a good reason for a man to put on the brakes. If a man wants to get to know a woman and she is rambling about money, the money is now the center of attention and not the woman, so it hinders her date from learning more about her.

Interview yourself, ask questions like, "What could I do to showcase my inner beauty more?"

Sometimes self-talk helps you recognize some things about yourself that may have gone unnoticed. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you really see when the hair and makeup is put away? Oftentimes women not only use tools to enhance their beauty or cover unsightly markings, but also to distract from flaws within. Is there something you are ignoring when men try to share what they see in you good, bad or otherwise?

Share aspects about yourself like interests, experiences, and family stories that are entertaining.

A man who not only likes what he sees, will also remember what he feels when being in your presence. Do you uplift him with your story-telling? Do you have a sense of humor, an appreciation for life, and overall positive person? Are you listening to him and taking genuine interest in what he has to say? Encourage the one you are with, ask questions, listen, and then respond.

It isn't always easy dating people and it can be difficult finding your match, but if you present love, then you just might find love amongst all the riches! Best wishes!

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