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Dating for Women Under 30: What's it Like and How Might a Mature Man Benefit?

Curious about young women and their dating experiences with younger men? Well, it isn't all that positive, because if it was, she wouldn't be on a millionaire dating site seeking a mature gentleman to date.


This is a big issue when it comes to mature, younger women finding young men who are compatible. The youthful energy, silly sense of humor, and selfish behavior can be overwhelming. A woman who is use to being around men who are easy-going, demonstrate self control and are thoughtful cannot tolerate the immaturity of younger men for long. A mature gentleman can use what he knows to stand out from the rest.


A young man is still learning and growing, some will act irresponsibly for a period of time before they finally realize that being responsible is the wise choice no matter how tempting the alternatives. Unlike the unwise, younger man, a mature man has the life experience to know that when he doesn't take action on some things there is a ripple affect that takes place privately and professionally. He may have done many wrong things in his past and learned from his experiences, so he doesn't want to take chances jeopardizing things like: his housing, relationship, business, and other things he may have gambled in the past. An older man who comes into a younger woman's life knowing how to manage his world while helping others is a breath of fresh air!

Lacking finances

Young women under 30 are trying to accumulate wealth just like any other age group, but sometimes it isn't acquired like they had hoped, because they have spent their younger years helping their immature mates. From buying gifts to an unexpected pregnancy, much money may have gone out of many young women's hands to help others without needed assistance. So she tires of the struggle of not getting ahead with a young partner. A man whose finances are established is a stress relief for a young woman who may have spent many years giving up money while saving none. Her mature date might be able to guide her on making financially responsible decisions.

These are three of the more popular reasons why a young woman might decide to make some personal changes in her dating preferences. Young independent women want to date men who can be a blessing and not a curse to their lives. They are looking for the kind of men who know what they want, are settled in their lives, and are able to afford help meet the needs of their mate. Without these qualities, as well as others, just like younger men, the older men will find it hard to find a compatible younger date.

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