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Games that Some Deceptive Young Women Play When Dating Rich, Older Men

Many young women who genuinely want to date mature men do so, because they tire of men in their age group or younger. These single women would like to do some things differently to enhance their dating experiences; therefore, they choose older men with money or rich mature men. However, young women who strategically date older seek to have immediate needs met. So they head to the Internet in search of a rich man that will help them in a crisis in exchange for a little time in the bedroom. A respectable man will view this sort of arrangement as a client and prostitute partnership whereas a woman provides a sexual experience expecting payment for services rendered. Unfortunately, the way some couples behave with one another, they could very well be mistaken for having an ungodly relationship of sorts. There are games that some young ladies will play because they have most likely been schooled by older women who played similar games in their youth or men who have played many women to get what they want.

Mind games

An experienced young woman on the dating scene isn't completely honest with her dates. She enjoys being a bit of a mystery to them. She doesn't reveal too much about herself and may even let her dates guess some things about her while she goes along with them. It's as if her dates are writing a script, creating their fantasy through her. She likes the idea they don't know much about her and she knows more about them, so that it makes it all the easier to get what she wants. Many rich men falsely assume young, beautiful women, who don't have the assets that they do, are stupid, ignorant, or immature. But young women recognize these arrogant types and have much fun playing their share of mind games on them.

Some pretty women know how to fake ignorance on subject matters they really are interested in talking about but may not find suitable to share thoughts with strangers. They will repeatedly make statements like, "I don't know…I never really thought about that…" it may be true that she is unaware of some things, but she just might be hiding her feelings about something that was said or trying to maintain self-control on certain issues so as not to turn her rich date off. So "I can't recall…I wouldn't know…" sounds much better than sharing one's disinterest.

Unattractive Rich Men

A wealthy guy, who is not good-looking, thinks that by being with a hot, sexy young woman he has struck gold. However, his poor heart might get broken connecting with a woman who isn't much interested in being with him. She will feign interest, act as if he is nice-looking and her desired preference when that is the farthest thing from the truth! She makes herself like the guy by focusing on the things that go beyond his flaws. She seeks out his strengths and uses them to stay motivated to continue a relationship with him while hoping that someone better comes along before the guy starts talking about marriage and children. But if no one better takes interest in the young lady, she might settle down with her older gentleman friend just so long as the money and gifts keep coming in.

Sexual games

From thinking about someone else to having a sexual partner on the side while she dates her rich friend, some young women don't have a problem sharing their bodies with multiple partners. As we know, this is risky behavior and can result in a sexually transmitted disease(s). A young woman might use sex to charm an older man in an effort to get him to do some things for her.

Money and Service games

Poor young women who are often struggling to keep bills paid will run games on gullible men captivated by their beauty. They will say and do things to get more stuff from generous gentleman suitors while the one, who thinks he is somehow wiser because he isn't buying anything for her, will be cheated on, ignored over time or used in other ways. The young woman might have different men around her providing different needs. One date may give her money, the other sex, another will let her drive his car, and still another might be handy with tools and help her by repairing things at her home or on her car.

When rich, older men catch on to the games that some of these young women play, they are left feeling unhappy and disappointed that the trophy on their arm really doesn't like them as much as they claim. Yet, when one chooses to go after another for shallow reasons, then he or she should expect shallow results. Date with your eyes wide open while closing the things that are important to you until trust is established and agendas are revealed.

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