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How to Avoid Dating a Crazy, Rich Man

Psychopaths, sociopaths, you name it, and they are out there! Men who aren't dating for the typical reasons that most men do, but have other reasons that appear way out there! Now if you aren't careful, you just might get sucked into the crazy mindset of a rich man who thinks that money can buy him anything his heart desires!

A very wealthy, sometimes illogical, man knows he can afford to do almost whatever he wants. He hopes to have someone who doesn't mind getting a little or a lot crazy with him. So much in fact, that he doesn't know the difference between right, wrong, good, or evil. He blurs the lines and keeps right on living life his way while hurting, abusing, misusing whoever or whatever to appease his self. If you have courage to call the crazy, rich man out on his peculiar way of thinking or doing something, he somehow convinces you that you are the crazy one in his strange world. So how does one protect herself from the weird men among us?

Interview your dates well before you go anywhere with them.

Take as much time as you can to ask typical questions and wait for responses without putting words in your date's mouth. Besides asking your date basic information, challenge him on his personal beliefs and habits then watch or listen closely to how he responds. Ask him off the wall questions too to get an idea of how strange he might really be.

Be sure you are paying close attention to what your date says and how he says it. Some people talk in ways that sound even crazy! They might change their voice, laugh at things that aren't funny at all, stare off into space, and start talking about subjects that don't seem to make any sense. Don't excuse quirky behaviors as cute, sweet, or nice, when the signs are there, make sure you know what kind of crazy he might be. For instance, is he a genius with a lot of love to give or a control freak who would love to slap a defiant woman around when she stands up for herself? Maybe he doesn't fit either description, but whatever he is, if you aren't comfortable with him, don't brush off your feelings. Know the personality type you might be dealing with in the future. Dating sometimes requires acting like a psychologist.

Don't go along with every strange idea a potential date comes up with.

The stranger the idea is, the stranger the one giving you the idea is. Can you deal with odd even "out there" sort of people? Some young women nod and agree with everything that comes out of the mouth of someone because they are attractive while ignoring the signs that a date has one too many screws lose upstairs. When these women start to realize that the strange men who they meet are starting to be a bit too much to handle, some women escape their grip before it's too late, while others are like insects trapped in a spider's web, it's only a matter of time that the spider will feed. Take a stance, don't compromise what you know to be right and wrong no matter what the rich, crazy date attempts to persuade you to believe over candlelight, dinner and wine.

Introduce your odd date to a very perceptive loved one or friend.

Sometimes our loved ones can see things in people we can't see. Bringing your crazy, rich guy around others might help you determine whether he has a tolerable personality or one that might send you over the edge in time. Relatives and friends might compare your personality to his and share details as to why you and your date may or may not be a good match for one another.

Avoid giving out personal information to your new friend about you, your daily routine and who you know.

When you haven't known a person for long and still have many unanswered questions, don't risk your safety by sharing details about who you are, where you live, your daily routine, or what sites you like to visit online or travel to offline. You can test how crazy your date might be by setting up a situation that will expose a variety of facets in his personality. You could give a date a temporary phone number with voicemail and watch how often he calls when he can't reach you and listen to the types of messages he leaves. In addition, you might want to create something online and encourage your new friend to publish comments on various subject matter, this way you can get a good idea what type of thinker he might be. Consider using a friend to assist you on testing your date if you haven't a clue on how to discern him. Follow up to see if he is the cyber stalking or offline stalker type. Read his writings to find out how he feels about certain subject matter. Learn more about him through others who may have observed his actions or inaction.

Know self-defense.

Some women don't mind taking chances dating all sorts of strange men. So if you are going to do some things that might put your safety at risk, you might want to know how to defend yourself in case you have to fight off a weird friend. Keep away from alcohol and other drugs if you should go out with the crazy, rich man and don't leave your drink or anything edible unattended.

Some young women will take a chance on going out with someone they think is odd, but cute and rich, so off they go to the night club, bar, etc. When these women ignore their gut instincts, they end up being assaulted or worse murdered. If the weird guy's eyes leave you feeling uneasy, something may not be quite right in his mind. His thoughts may tend to trail off into subject matter that has little to do with what you both are talking about. If he is obviously rude, irritated, or impatient with others, you will definitely want to get away from him unless you want drama in your life. He may be verbally and physically abusive, listen for names of former partners and look them up on the Internet. Read blogs and listen to audio by these former girlfriends, they might save you from a world of hurt. Perform background checks and find out more about the community and school he claims a connection. Listen to what he says after a drink or two or takes a certain drug, what is he like on and off the substance?

Don't brush warning signs off, some times "crazy" can be a bit too much when dating someone. A rich guy might have much going on for him, but it doesn't mean he is normal or even lovable after the newness wears off.

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