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What Type of Rich Man Are You Dating?

Lots of matured, rich Gentlemen and their profession

There are different kinds of rich men. Rich men aren't like clothes, one size doesn't fit all. In order to find out if you are most compatible with a certain type of wealthy man, you will need to know what kind of rich man is he. How he obtains his wealth will give you some insight into the kind of person he is when it comes to dating.

Rich Employee

The man who makes most of his money from working for someone else, may consider you to be like him, his equal. But he may also have some hidden resentments that he has yet to live the life he always dreamed. Watch in his conversation for signs of living paycheck to paycheck barely making it and similar phrases. There is a good possibility he is hoping that you make your own money and that you don't ask him for any.

Rich Self-employed

A man who has acquired most of his wealth from creating his own business is most likely a creative type and genuinely open to trying new things. However, he may work very long hours and tend to be antisocial at times. He may seek a date, not only to meet his basic needs like companionship and intimacy, but also a future business assistant.

Rich Business Owner

This man has accumulated much of his wealth from owning businesses he may or may not have created, but are now fully operational by others. Some business owners can be controlling and have domineering personalities. These men aren't typically interested in involving their inner circle in their business affairs. Sometimes there money is tied up in so many things that they may not behave in ways that appear like they are rich.

Rich Investor

He is a man that sees a money-making opportunity and takes advantage of it. Sometimes his selection in obtaining wealth doesn't always pan out like he had hoped. This can leave him feeling frustrated. When dating he is looking to invest in his date in such a way that makes him and her feel good. The wise rich investor type seeks long term investments both personally and professionally.

Rich Mixed

Some men fall in combination of the previously mentioned descriptions. Therefore, it may be a challenge to figure out what type of rich men are they when it comes to finances. When a young woman has an idea of her date's financial portfolio, it can work to her advantage. She will be able to learn a bit about his personality in the way that he spends, saves, donates, and invests his money. She will also discover where she fits in his life as well. Take some time on occasion to access how your date talks about money, how he spends, shares and saves it. You will find out quickly if your date is responsible or irresponsible when it comes to his finances.

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